Best Summer Tip Yet

Blisters. I get so many blisters on my weird little feet from nearly every pair of my shoes. Barring a certain material flip flop and cushy sneakers, my high-arched dancer feet can’t handle even the simplest pair of flats.

I’ve tried a number of things including bandaids, mole skin, various padding, that new skin stuff. Yet sooner or later I would end up with torn little toes and heels. You too? Read on.

Here’s why this happens to us:

No matter what, if you put your feet into an enclosed area, they are going to sweat. Agreed? And nearly any surface, like the one lining your Charles David baubles, will at some point create enough friction against your skin that you and your sad feet will lose the battle against. HOWEVER…

It’s not always about the shoe.

No matter the fit you get or how well you plan, an active person’s feet will not stay the same size all day. Gravity and blood flow cause swelling, which is usually minor and very normal, but unfortunately enough to change the size of your foot and the pressure the shoe is or isn’t placing on it.


It sounds totally weird, but this is honestly the best one I’ve tried yet.

In a recent article published in Real Simple, a suggestion was offered that changed everything for me.┬áSpread a layer of clear deodorant along the inside heel area of your shoe and let it dry. It worked so well on a pair of my Nordstrom flats that I went so far as to dot some in the areas where my little toe was having problems as well. Why? For the same reason you don’t ruin your good shirts when it’s hot out, anti-perspirant. When there is less moisture to create friction, with there is less pain.



It’s as simple as that. Now go save your feet!



Summer Nights: A Glimmer Of Glory


Eight million different kinds of people with eight million different reasons wandering the streets and down Michigan Ave. pretending not to be awestruck by the shimmer of the lights guiding their way, bouncing off the dirty water and into their eyes.


Chicago Fests Are Here! And MetroMix has the info you need.

Wondering what to do this weekend beside sitting in front of your TV waiting for Game of Thrones to air? Well you have options my friend.

It’s Fest Season Chicago! If you’re not excited you must be dead inside, because these events are a big part of what makes the Chicago summers so special.

This weekend you can get in the Cinco de Mayo spirit when you head Southwest and visit Little Village, or don your best drop-waist dress or sporty knits, and twirl your beads over to River North for the Official Great Gatsby Chicago Release Party.

Get inspired listening to the soundtrack on NPR!

Music from Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’

Whatever you do, Chicago is a beautiful city waiting for you to step out and soak up what it has to offer.  Keep your eyes open and take advantage.