Nearly Finished Time Machine For Sale


If I could afford such an illustrious machine where would I go?

Would I go back and just experience life, or would I change things?
To Paris in the 20s to hang with the expat crowd and soak up their genius? Maybe kick Gertrude Stein in the shins?
Into the future and hope we’ve finally become a healthier country that also has hover boards?
Or to 2008 and not buy that wedding dress?
Where would you go, and would you change anything?
Oh Southport Corridor, what will you think of next.


Sad Cat Diary

Dear Diary,
My human captors do not understand that when I pee on their dirty clothing, it is in effort to help them keep it off the floor and in the basket where it belongs. I have only had negative feedback for this action. I fear that they are truly the dirty apes I had suspected them to be.

Kitty Bloger

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