Take a seat and have some tea. It’s time to get to know each other better…

This is a blog about beginning again (and again and again and again) because I honestly believe that that’s what we are all doing in our daily lives. I don’t mean in a monotonous sort of drudging through the mud Tom Hanks in Joe vs. the Volcano way,that poor little flower, more in a path towards renewal and progression in hope. Doesn’t that sound better?

I chose to call this little interweb spot Lavender and Broken Bones because it just seemed so appropriate in reference to my personal life and focus. I am INCREDIBLY accident prone. My long list of broken bones alone has recently reached its sixth incident, I broke my rib coughing. Yes, coughing. I didn’t see it coming either. These injuries give me a good deal of extra time during which, if not under the influence of sleepy pain killers, I end up just staring at things. So I’m here. Lavender has always been one of my two favorites, its natural abundance and calming abilities, healing and renewal that is much-needed in life.

My other favorite is daisies, but that is neither here nor there.

If you would like to know more about me personally feel free to visit my About Me page.

knitt heart


Thanks for being curious!



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