Chicago In the Summertime…

It’s that season again Chicago.IMAG2921

Construction season.

The sun is out, the  beaches are calling, the birds are singing at 4am, and the rhythmic crush of jackhammers  is resonating outside your window.

Ok, it’s not so bad. It’s gorgeous out and I agree with Frank Lloyd Wright when he said, “Eventually, I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world.” Every bit of sunshine among the hustle of downtown or hopeful Cubs fan that says, “This is the year.” I can’t help but smile. We are a beautiful city.


But if you’re having trouble or, like the cat’s I’m currently caring for, on the verge of throwing a fit over the cement truck continuously backing up into your bedroom, I have a few suggestions. Escape routes, if you will.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Head over on a nice day and escape the traffic and terrifying drivers out there, and enjoy the otters and my favorite sleepy lion with her giant bean feet.

Look at the beans!

Look at the beans!

Yes, it does get crowded the later in the season you go, so show up early and on a day where it won’t be so hot that all the animals will be hiding or kept inside out of view. It’s free and it’s worth it. Plus, nearby is the Lincoln Park Conservatory filled with an explosion of nature in an array of color.

                                   Graceland Cemetery


Graceland Cemetery

Doesn’t look like a cemetery does it? Besides its beauty and park-like ambiance, walking through this large landscape in North Lakeview is like a silent history lesson and art exhibit combined. Some of Chicago’s biggest players are there in their very opulent and unique resting places. Here are some extra pics. It’s sounds weird, but when it comes to escape from the crowds and noise, this is an easy road to take.

View From The Adler Planetarium 


It’s amazing. If you haven’t been out there, or you just have a thing for skylines, it’s worth the short trek to see Chicago architecture in its grandest scale. Take a picnic, or just your sense of wonder, and go.

Regardless of where you are in the city, loud and exciting festivals or quite reflective retreats, it’s a great place to appreciate life and watch the city move and grow around you.

 I have a place in Chicago and I get there as much as I can. The city is so unbelievably beautiful. It’s one of the greatest cities on the planet. My heart beats differently when I’m in Chicago. It slows down and I feel more at ease.”

Jeremy Piven

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